Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"New Guy"

Well, I've never blogged before. Not really sure what blogging is all about. Even less sure that anyone will even read it or gives a hoot but I'll give it a shot.

So I've been at my new job for two weeks now but I'm rarely in the office. I spend most of my time ........ being "one with nature" kinda sorta trolling the hilltops of upstate New York and northern Pennsylvania. I stopped in the office today and I wish I had a dollar for every time someone said "you must be the new guy". Yep, that's me. New guy. I gonna change my name to New Guy. At what point do you quit being the "new guy"? Obviously 2 weeks is still new guy.

Everyone here in Bath, NY says I need to move here. How could I ever move to a town with no Wal-Mart, no Sam's  Club, and no Lowes. Were talking dark ages, maybe stone ages. There is a brand new Dunkin Doughnuts opening Thursday though. That makes up for it....... er maybe not. I like where I live. I think I'll stay there.

Here's my last whine...... for today. The Steuben County fair is in full swing and is 3 blocks from the house I'm staying at. Demo derby tonight but I didn't go. That would have been fun. The smells. Ah, the smells of the county fair. I think I'm going to gain 10 pounds just sniffing the air.

Well, there it is, my first blog. Did I get it right? No need to answer becuse I really don't care. If you want to follow, that's fine. If not, that's fine too. That part of our wonderful United States of America IS still free!


  1. Nice job! I enjoyed reading it. :)

  2. Yep, you got it right! Great job!

    Now, I wanna go to the fair...

    Dan sends...

  3. woot woot that's awesome! By the way, I think you stop being the new guy when someone gets hired after you :)