Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Things That Strike Me Funny

So I told you yesterday that the fair was going on. I hadn't noticed this sign before but got a good chuckle when I thought about the variations. Is this a fair for those who want to take a bath in Pepsi?  Maybe they are grading a Pepsi bath as only fair instead of good. Maybe it's some kind of competition...... that maybe I don't want to know about! Anyways, I just couldn't resist finding a parking place and snapping this one. What are they thinking.....LOL.

As I was filling my water jug this morning I couldn't resist the chuckle when I realized I was filling my jug with........... wait for it...........Bath water! Oh the stupid things that run through my head!

Tomorrow I start with a new tower site north of Corry, PA just off of Rt 426 on Stateline Road. Close to my old stomp'in grounds! My manager would like the station on the air by the end of September so I'll be busy trying to comply. It's not impossible but it will be a squeeze. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Do you have bubbles coming out of your nose yet?